Strange Majik – “Raised on Rock ‘N’ Roll” 11 Song LP – 2016

David Pattillo aka Strange Majik has blazed a year-long residency at Tribeca’s Belle Reve performing for super celebs like Kim and Kanye and jamming with rock royalty like Jakob Dylan. His new record “Raised on Rock ‘N’ Roll” is an original vibrant ode to the classic rock sound. This eleven song rollick ignites your spirit with soulful snarls, primal howls, and bone rattlin’ riffs straight outta Muscle Shoals or Stax. Whether you’re an old Stones fan or a Lightnin’ Hopkin’s purist, Pattillo will win you over with his urgency and raw power shredding his backwater blues style he crafted out over the last few years in his two-piece predecessor The Dead Exs. “Raised On Rock ‘N’ Roll is a majestic musical history lesson which manages to touch upon the best of 70s classic rock sounds while firmly establishing itself as a product of the 21st Century.” – No Depression