New Strange Majik releases companion EP to “Soul Crisis.” “Deep In The Shadows” drops July 25.

July 25 it’s here! Pre-order your copy of the new Strange Majik release Deep In The Shadows right now! 4 brand new songs that complete the March 2017 release Soul Crisis.

Track Listing:
1. The Wolf
2. The Promise
3. Pretty Little Pony
4. Deep In The Shadows

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by David Pattillo at Rivington 66
All songs © 2017 D. Pattillo
Alarm pic: Colin Knowles

David Pattillo – Guitars and Vox
Kevin KJ Jacoby – Bass (The Wolf, Deep In The Shadows)
Chris Baby GSauce Gaskell – Bass (The Promise, Pretty Little Pony)
Colin Taylor – Drums
Anthony Flynn Mullin – Guitar (Pretty Little Pony, Deep In The Shadows)
Ben Jamal Hoffman – Rhodes, Clav
Sean Spada – Piano
Leonard LeCloarec – Flute (The Wolf), Sax (The Promise)
Background Vocals – Cole Razzano (The Wolf, Deep In The Shadows)
Background Vocals – Briana Layon, Cherrye J. Davis (Pretty Little Pony)