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What’s standing out for us on the four track 2nd EP release? “The Wolf” – a track that instantly garners your attention and is a perfect example of Strange Majik’s charisma and raw energy. His music sounds as if it’s perfectly recorded in one shot, the power of his guitar shredding and all. Can we say the track instinctually reminded us of Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady”? Well, we did.
Brittany NOFOMO – Highlark Magazine 

 Once again Strange Majik has delivered a batch of songs that are not only entertaining but delve into the strains on society. The music of Strange Majik is equal parts substance and flash wrapped in a whole lot of funkiness.
Chris Martin – Atlanta Auditory Association

Soul Crisis is insanely ace new blues, funk, rock and roll
Kristal – musicnutontheloose

Just as the previous album was celebratory, the Soul Crisis EP is accusatory, angry, sometimes even fearful…and with good reason. It’s the yin to the yang.
Lee – Real Gone

“Demagogue is the first single – released ahead of the EP, and a direct artistic response to the things I have been writing about for the past couple of months. It is what art and music and rock n roll should be… relevant, truthful, and brave. And the music will make you shake your ass as you get up off your privilege to do something to change the world.”
Joe Wolf Mazeres – Ear To The Ground

‘Raised On Rock ‘N’ Roll’ is terrific. Visions of worn out denim, flared trousers and smell of nostalgia run through its grooves and yet the songs somehow come kicking and screaming into 2016 with a real reverence. For anyone with a passing interest in funk, blues, AM radio rock and the classic sounds of the early seventies, this album is a veritable treasure trove. Don’t miss it.
Lee – Real Gone

Swampy, bluesy rock that pays it’s respect to traditions. New Orleans vibes and vintage tones. jam this down and dirty slab.
Josh Moss – The Modern Folk

There aren’t many artists of our generation who embody the blues, live and breath rock and roll, and are authentically and genuinely themselves. Strange Majik is one of them.
Katina Goulakos – Imagista 

A majestic musical history lesson which manages to touch upon the best of 70s classic rock sounds while firmly establishing itself as a product of the 21st Century.
Joe Wolf Mazeres -No Depression

‘Don’t Mess With The Girl From Texas’ features clever lyrics and reminds me of The Rolling Stones especially with the lush piano and crisp saxophone. It is a sort of Chuck Leavell and late Bobby Keys vibe. Classic rock sound perfection.
Glen Sargeant – Just Listen To This

Watching David Pattillo (who goes by the moniker “Strange Majik”) perform makes you want to fist pump to the tune of rebellion and replace your bedroom door with beaded curtains.
Greg Mania – Creem Magazine

Raised on Rock and Roll will encompass many things to many people, mostly though it’s the free spirit, and attitude of resistance against the status quo.
David – Popa2unes

Seriously, this guy’s got a hand in so much musically it’s hard to keep track.
Adam Industry – BBOX Radio

If you are one of the mindless masses that falls in-line with the fallacy that rock-n-roll is dead, then obviously you have not treated your ears to Raised On Rock ‘N’ Roll the latest piece of music from NY’s Strange Majik.
Chris Martin –

In Florida I was living Linklater’s Dazed and Confused reality with Zeppelin, Floyd, Hendrix, Frampton, and the Stones. My sister reported back from college with Bowie, The Clash, The Jam, The Specials…the lyric sheet, the double gate fold, the pictures, the lifestyle I would imagine—many many afternoons with a hifi setup thrown together from whatever was available at the local thrift store or garage sale down the street.
David Pattillo interview – The Vinyl District