Listening To Leon


Never been much for black leather
Always been more about the suede
I don’t mind an old pair of corduroys
Leave the tight pants for the stage

I don’t need to possess you or profit
From your insecurities
I got enough of my own
I’ll be shuffling on a city street
Listening to Leon

Shootout on the headphones
Grooving on the uptown 6
The girls used to get shy when I pass by
Guess I’m losing all my tricks

Being older and layin back
Ain’t really my style
So let’s hit the club tonight
You be my Pisces Apple Lady
Listening to Leon

I’ll see u on the weekend
Hanging with the kid
Talk about the groove on Tightrope
And the vintage flares u just bid

We’ll take a little step away
From this moment of time
And get swept away
On a Dixie Lullaby
Listening to Leon

© 2016 D. Pattillo