Workingman 99


The world is running out of precious time
You pushed me over the thin red line
I had enough of making minimum wage hey
People in the neighborhood we fillin with rage
Yeah you feeding me a GMO
I’m wearing China made from head to toe
You got your money and your diamond in the back hey
We lifting cell phones at the radio shack
You keep us stupid cause you’re clever like a king
We got the numbers yeah you feel the sting
We getting higher getting organized
Some of the 99 percent are bound to rise
You might be worried in your gated mansion
Feel the pressure cooker oppression
Don’t you rely on daddy’s wall st. plan
Better watch your back don’t underestimate the working man

The plan was put together long ago
Don’t let the masses know the knowledge you know
You know we’re talking bout the new world order
Governments and corporations blurring the border
All the princes all the diplomats
Secret societies and many fat cats
Gonna test you fill you up with meaningless sex
Gonna give you super sonic megaplex
Control the media control the chiefs
Own the satellite and the cable tv
Go on and get your channels get your free app
They got you dialed and they know where you’re at
Tracking the data of the consumer
Selling information to the highest bidder
GIve it away get along get along give it up to the upper hand
Better keep it straight don’t underestimate the working man

Who can you blame who can you trust who can you burn
Everyday there is a lesson to be learned
Too far along, cashed out and much too late
Who’s gonna be the one to give it to ya straight
Tell the children tell the fathers and the moms
We’re building networks while you’re building bombs
I do believe there is no us and them
But can you trust your fellow citizen
Get it up get it out get it on and raise the flag
Your baby’s dreaming in a body bag
A soldier’s wasted life for world control
No meditation gonna spare the soul
You got your guns you got your lock and load
You gonna hole up in a lead fox hole
We gonna bullet proof the minivan
Better watch your back don’t underestimate the working man

©2014 D. Pattillo