Soul Crisis is here!

We have released 4 new songs and you can download them right now and pay what you want….hey if yer broke u can pay nothin! Hope this record inspires you with a little love in these polarized times. Just click the pic.

USA 2017. We’ve got a soul crisis. In a time of thriving cultural diversity a billionaire white power machine has taken over Washington. We are looking for answers. We are seeking the truth. We need a protector. Don’t let the demagogue get you down. Reach out to your neighbor and say hello. Get out and represent your people, show your love, and keep the faith. These are trying times indeed to overcome. If you’re down like me, I hope these few songs lift your spirits and perhaps empower you to be the change we need in this world.

With Love,
dp 2017


releases March 28, 2017

David Pattillo – Guitars/Vocals
Chris Gaskell aka Baby GSauce – Bass
Ben Jamal Hoffman – Wurli
Colin Taylor – Drums
Steve Kortyka – Tenor Sax
Briana Layon – Backing Vocals
Cherrye J. Davis – Backing Vocals
Owen Pattillo – Guitar (Don’t Let The Demagogue Get You Down)
Kevin KJ Jacoby – Bass (White Power Machine)
Dillon Treacy – Drums (White Power Machine)
Sean Spada – Piano coda (White Power Machine)